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  • Modeled closely on the buy-direct, buy-local spirit of Community Supported Agriculture, Community Supported Art Colorado (CSArt Colorado) is a collaboration between Denver Botanic Gardens and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. CSArt Colorado offers art lovers the opportunity to own a specially curated group of artworks from local and regional artists.

    CSArt shareholders subscribe each season to receive ten works of art from a limited collection of original artworks. The artworks are collected by the shareholder at distribution events where they enjoy food and drink, and have a chance to meet the artists. The works created especially for the season are revealed at each event. Past artworks have included wooden sculpture, encaustic, paintings, photographic prints, and sterling silver spoons.

    Becoming a shareholder is a simple way to own a collection of original artwork while supporting your creative community.

    Purchase a 2016 share and enjoy collecting your artwork in person, or select a 2015 share or an individual artwork from a past season to be shipped directly to your door. Contact us at brock@bmoca.org for inventory and pricing on individual works.

    CSArt Colorado is supported by Bonfils Stanton Foundation, Boulder Arts Commission, and Colorado Creative Industries.

  • CSArt Colorado shareholders pick up their art shares at distribution events held during the CSArt Colorado season. Distributions are fun social events where shareholders not only receive their artworks, but meet the artists and other art enthusiasts while enjoying food, drink and music.

    Although attendance to distribution events is encouraged, shipping of CSArt shares is available for those unable to attend.

    UPCOMING DISTRIBUTION | October 26, 2016, 5:30 – 7:30pm

    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

    Please note: 2016 distribution events are for collection of 2016 shares only. 2015 shares or individual works from past seasons are available via shipping only – please contact brock@bmoca.org for details.

  • See the artists creating works for 2016 shares below, or take a look at past CSArtists.












  • Are the artworks original? How big are they?

    All works are created specifically for CSArt Colorado, and all are original, although some may be serialized, signed, and numbered limited editions. As a result, please note that the artworks featured in the artist profiles are representative of that artist’s work and do not depict what shareholders will actually receive. Dimensions and media of the works vary widely.

    Are there different types of shares? What’s the difference?

    The 2016 share is comprised of ten artworks of a variety of media created by ten artists. 2016 shareholders can collect their shares in person at the distribution events.

    In past years, CSArt Colorado has offered two different shares – Harvest and Crop – with the same number, size and quality of works but representing different artists. A limited number of shares from the 2015 season are available for purchase.

    Can I choose which artists are going to be in my share?

    The artists and works in each share are curated for quality. Shareholders cannot pick and choose specific artists or artworks.

    A limited number of individual artworks from previous seasons are available for sale without purchasing a share – please inquire at brock@bmoca.org for inventory and pricing.

    What if I get something I don’t like in my share?

    The CSArt Colorado curators make every effort to assure quality artwork by carefully selecting talented artists in a wide range of disciplines. We do understand that not everything is for everyone however, and although artworks cannot be returned or exchanged through the CSArt Colorado program itself, shareholders are welcome to trade amongst themselves. And of course, CSArt Colorado artworks always make excellent gifts!

    What if I miss a distribution event?

    If you know at the time of purchase that you will be unable to attend a distribution event, please select the relevant shipping option on the purchase form to have your share shipped to you. If you were planning on attending but find you are unable to, please contact us at brock@bmoca.org or (303) 443-2112 to arrange for shipping at additional cost or an alternate pick up time.

    How do I become a shareholder?

    2016 shares are available now! Become a shareholder by purchasing a share here.

    When is the deadline for purchasing a CSArt Colorado share?

    There is no deadline by which to purchase your share. However, we do recommend that you purchase your share early as they sell out!

    What are the benefits of buying art through CSArt Colorado?

    As a CSArt Colorado shareholder, your purchase not only offers an unprecedented opportunity to collect a curated collection of pieces by both established and emerging artists, but is also a sustainable way to support your local art community. CSArt Colorado offers local artists an opportunity to push the boundaries of their practice while connecting with other artists and a grassroots collecting community. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some amazing art while also connecting with like-minded art lovers and artists!

    The CSArt program has gained awareness thanks to the work of St. Paul-based Springboard for the Arts.

    Where do the shareholder dollars go?

    All proceeds from the program go directly to fund artists, program supplies, distribution parties and promotion. CSArt Colorado does not profit, but instead works hard to make connections between artists and collectors.

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