artist profile: Adam Milner – CSArt Colorado

“My work centers on notions of closeness, intimacy, genuineness, and my confusion as I wrestle with what these things mean. Examining my own personal experiences, I often employ rigorous ongoing routines and exercises to document and archive my relationships with the people, objects, and spaces with which I interact. In these projects for CSArt, I present three personal historical accounts of touch: a family photograph of my brother and I, a story about opting for a pat-down from the TSA officer at the airport, and a book of photographs of someone attempting to hold my hand while we sat on the couch drinking a beer. My various projects, as these three represent, stand alone as discrete works, but also connect to each other over time, creating a dense web of information about my life, a sort of diary. By sharing these personal parts of my life with the viewer of my work, I hope to initiate some form of relationship with them– I mean you.”

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