artist profile: Amelia Carley – CSArt Colorado

“In the last year, part of my practice has included painting enlarged images of the interiors of diamonds and the surfaces of gems. Sourced predominantly from major print publications, these images are initially representational but through the painting process, and with heavy consideration of color and composition, the works take on the feel of abstraction. I am particularly interested in painting gold and pyrite for their significance in Colorado regional history.
For the CSArt Colorado Program I propose to create 60, 6” x 6” original watercolor paintings of gems. As I often work larger with oil paint, these works would be smaller, more intimate renditions of some of the larger works. The smaller watercolors serve as a perfect sampling of my larger production and practice while the incorporation of works based off of minerals and gems found in our earth connects the pieces back to the Community Supported Agriculture roots of the program.”

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