artist profile: Ashley Williams – CSArt Colorado

“I am interested in micro ecosystems and small-scale natural phenomena. My newest series of paintings, ‘Sentient’, focuses on the rocks near my home in Colorado and the diverse plant-life that grow on them. I paint tiny rocks on large canvases, using the shift in scale to transform the rocks into lichen-covered planets. Like a canary in a coal mine, lichens are highly sensitive to changes in the environment, giving us vital clues about the health of our landscape. Sentient is the result of a year spent learning about the beauty, structure, and the environmental significance of these delicate lifeforms.
This winter 2016, I will be an Artist-In-Residence at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado. I have proposed a project that combines by interest in microecosystems, painting, and film. As an extension of Sentient, I will create a series of paintings and a short animated film. The film will be a stop-motion animation created by arranging small pieces of painted paper across the surface of an oil painting. The film will illustrate a fallen tree as it transforms into a complex architecture of tiny plants. As a CSArt artist, I will create 10″ X 7″ digital archival prints of stills from the animation. Each print will be unique. I will also include an editioned digital copy (DVD) of the complete film.”

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