artist profile: Christopher Warren – CSArt Colorado

“With my map series I have been exploring the interplay between color and form within a previously constructed environment. By using the existing lines of topography found across our state I am able to turn the contours of Colorado into melting cascades of color or electrified fields of black and white. I would use the opportunity provided by the CSArt program to delve deeper into the possibility of color and texture that exist in the mountains of Colorado by making 60 individual maps. The final product would be a digital archival print, roughly 14 inches by 11 inches. Colorado has such diverse geology that there is an extremely wide range of landscapes for me to work with, ensuring that every recipient gets a truly individualized work of art. I have been sculpted by Colorado’s topography, and with this project I would aim to bring that topography into the homes of artistically minded Coloradans.”

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