artist profile: Demry Frankenheimer – CSArt Colorado

“Through various materials I have developed a visual vocabulary, a language that enables me to define and articulate an experience, a concept, a moment in time. The Journal Series, inspired by the piece Passion Cards, is a collection of “pages” expressing a multitude of experiences and sensations from the simple to the complex. In this work I write what I see while exploring the dualities and interrelationships of beauty and angst in daily life. The CSArt philosophy parallels my belief in engaging with and supporting my local community. Sharing my art, hopefully touching those whom receive a piece, holds a deeper level of significance. The art I will create will visually capture “in the moment” experiences, events and concepts. The work will be in a 7”x 7” or smaller format, appropriately framed and prepared for a wall mounted display. Each Shareholder will own a visually transcribed piece of 2015.”

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