artist profile: Dylan Gebbia-Richards – CSArt Colorado

“Each piece I make I am building off of the piece prior. Pushing what I can do with paint and space. Here I have shown the most recent piece I made, 9 in Series. The piece was designed in a CAD drafting program and then created with a custom loom I developed. The loom allows me to make fishing wire canvases, of a variety of different sizes, and then paint on them. I sandwich plastic drop cloth between the fishing wire I weave on the loom and the actual table like surface of the loom. Doing so prevents the latex based acrylic paint I use from adhering to the loom and makes it so the paint only adheres to the fishing wire. Thus a painting is created where the negative space is in essence air. When I hang multiple canvases in space, at specific increments, I can create 3D images. I have also included an image of the same piece, 9th in Series, but collapsed, against a wall.
For the share holder program I will make pieces which will be similar to this collapsed version of 9th in Series, but be done within the CSArt’s desired dimensions. I will give these smaller pieces a wooden frame which will be deep enough to hold all the fishing wire layers required for each piece. I will also make works which will be similar in the style of, 2nd in Series and 6th in Series, but again done within the appropriate scale.
Moving to Colorado and developing myself as an artist has been a dream come true for me. Growing up in Connecticut I yearned to be in the mountains. In the past few years I have lived here I have created a home and I plan to always have this place in my life despite where ever the years may take me. I would love to share with and become part of a community of people here who are passionate about the art they make and appreciate.”

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