artist profile: Irene McCray – CSArt Colorado

“The subject matter of my CSArt pieces will be mostly cloth, perhaps including the figure in some pieces. Body and cloth has been my subject for many years. In my current pieces cloth is in concert with bodies, enclosing them in silky knots and binding bundles, untying for free flowing escape, and then gathering and securing once again in essential holds. I see the cloth as an extension of the body, declaring issues of self, maintaining both boundaries and soaring enormity. The metaphorical knotting and loosening of cloth joins the emotional tying up and releasing within and without that the figures are presenting as well.
While cloth is usually a means of covering and protecting, in my work I wish it to unveil, reveal, and expose to the forces of aging. In my recent paintings and drawings I am manipulating the cloth alone, without the body, into anticipations of triumphant changes of form. It turns in on itself in alchemical dances of transformation as the threads, folds, and knots animate from unseen forces. I see each shape as unique, never to happen again in the same way, just as the composite traits and qualities of every person remains mysteriously and distinctly one’s own.”

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