artist profile: Jenene Nagy – CSArt Colorado

“The works in the brilliant series are an investigation into notions of value and perception. The boundaries of image and object are blurred by the variable of light behavior and its relationship to the physical properties of graphite. Basic materials and techniques are used to create a dialogue surrounding our understanding worth. Conceptually, the work is in response to a culture based on class. Gemstones, in particular diamond cuts, are used not only as a launching off point for abstraction but also to create a tension between the high and low. The valueless (ie. a rock) becomes elevated to an object of status through countless hours of carving, rubbing, scrapping. The obsession associated with this type of labor is manifested in the graphite drawings. Similar to the act of diamond cutting, the build up of this labor transforms the simple materials of paper and graphite into an object of worth. For CSArt Colorado I am producing a series of works on paper that reflect these ideas through the lens of being a transplant to Aspen, a complicated and economically diverse community.”

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