artist profile: Jordan Knecht – CSArt Colorado

“So much of my artistic practice is based around connection. Whether it is an immersive multimedia installation or an intimate book and vinyl record, I aim to create an experience which encourages connection within the self or amongst people. In an even larger sense, I am striving for connection with the people whom I contact through my work. I recently began a project in which I take a 35mm photo of a person I know well to moderately well. I give them the only print of the photo along with a letter that I write to them about how I perceive them as a person. The letter and photo is accompanied by a stamped envelope addressed to me with an invitation to write to me about how they perceive themselves in comparison.

CSArt focuses greatly on building connection and community through the act of sharing art. It is uncanny to me how much the CSArt program aligns with my artistic practice. The potential to participate in CSArt feels like a natural extension of my work. My practice is informed by two seemingly disparate, yet harmonious sides. One side is my devotion, dedication, and obsession. It is the part of me that is drawn to hone my craft and strive for perfection (even if perfection is a hyperbole). The other side that informs my practice is the need to open myself to the unknown. To eliminate my ego and try to touch into expression without a critical mind. To touch what lies beneath.”