artist profile: Julie Puma – CSArt Colorado

“My current work explores themes of technology and communication. I chose to paint photographs of Apple Face Time interactions in an attempt to examine the possibilities and limitations of communication in the 21st century. The ubiquitous use of technological devices, the immediacy of communication, and the numerous options of how to communicate pose many questions:

Do the use of video chats for conversation change the way we see ourselves with others (Due to the fact parties communicating on hand held devices as opposed to in person, see themselves on the screen in addition to the person they are communicating with)?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of global communication?

How does this change intimacy in relationships?

I plan to make sixty 4.87″ x 2.31″ (the size of an iPhone) watercolors of Face Time photographs. If it is possible to Face Time or Skype with the share holders and have them choose the scene they want painted, that would be ideal. If not I would like to Face Time or Skype a variety of people in the Denver Community. These people will be made up of colleagues, gallery owners, family and friends.
The idea of connecting with share holders and artists through an art medium is very exciting. This project seems to fit well with the idea of technology and art. The exchange of ideas cannot happen today without technology. Combining these two areas seems a logical fit for the CSArt program.”

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