artist profile: Kate Woodliff O'Donnell – CSArt Colorado

“My current series of work glorifies one of life’s simple and direct pleasures – food! Whether a piece of candy, a favorite dessert or a corner store sandwich, I find much inspiration from the memories of taste, texture and appearance in food. I react to the crinkled wrapper of a blow pop, the little paper pennant flying from the peak of a Hershey’s Kiss, the colorful sprinkles and swirling frosting of a cupcake. These simple things are so easily overlooked, but they help form the very essence of the foods we all love. My goal is to highlight these little details so my viewer may take a moment to appreciate them as art. For CSArt my work will focus on the evocative memories of candy. I will create 60 original drawings of candy, each interesting and unique, due to nostalgia, color, shape or label. Within my portfolio for CSArt I will highlight both classic and new candies found on our grocery store shelves. Each drawing will be done realistically, focusing on the true detail that makes up each unique piece. The work will be produced with Prismacolor pencil. Each drawing will be accompanied by a 4″x10″ leaflet showcasing a few other images of candy drawings I produce for the CSArt project.

As I share my passion for creating this work, I also donate a portion of all sales of my work and projects to the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, CO.”