artist profile: Linda Beach – CSArt Colorado

“The challenge of using line, shape, color and contrast to interpret what I see is my objective. If I create something that will evoke emotion in the viewer, then I have truly succeeded. The process begins with a concept which I then transform into a full size drawing or pattern, each line representing a seam line between two pieces of cloth. The possibilities and limitations of the piecing process are integral parts of the design. The pattern is then cut apart, with each piece of paper being used as a template for a single piece of fabric. The pieces are then joined to become a pieced “top” over a layer of batting and a backing fabric. Finally, I choose the pattern of my quilting stitches to enhance the scene. This completes the interpretation and adds an extra dimension of texture to the finished piece.

I will create small fiber landscapes reminiscent of Colorado making them relevant to the CSArt program. The artworks will be set in white matting and ready for framing.”