artist profile: Mario Zoots – CSArt Colorado

The lure of images lies at the heart of my work. Using classic film stills, vintage postcards, and found family photographs with a mix of my own photography, I create collages that are nostalgic but also uncanny and absurd. By adjusting, inverting, and slicing separate pictures together to create new works of art, I explore the subversive force of found images. My practice centers on appropriation and collage. Collage inherently involves nothing less than altering existence. By re-imagining found imagery, I make changes both hand-made and (occasionally) digital to alter the perception of the everyday, and continue the images evolution towards new definitions. My work is on the forefront of the modern collage movement, and was featured in Gestalten’s recent “The Age of Collage: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art”, the definitive investigation into how collage has become one the most vital forms of current visual expression.
For the CSArt Colorado artist program I would like to create 60 original and unique collages in my signature style. Major themes in my current collage work include obscuring identify and altering memory, I attempt to make the familiar unfamiliar. My current output of collage is in the size of 11″ x 14″ on Bristol paper, with a mixture of cut paper and found photography as medium.”

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