artist profile: Matthew Harris – CSArt Colorado

“In 2013, I completed a commissioned public sculpture that reinterpreted Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s seventeenth-century Baroque sculpture Apollo and Daphne. I chose to respond specifically to Bernini’s sculpture of this Greek myth for its dynamic composition and heightened psychological emotion. Taking the anatomical posture of this sculpture as a point of departure, I translated it into an abstracted form that explores this moment of metamorphosis.
For CSArt Colorado, I will make a series of small glazed ceramic maquettes that will further explore my interest in abstractions of the human form. Following the model of Community Shared Agriculture, CSArt Colorado will provide the financial support that will allow me to invest time and materials into developing new ideas for future works. The shareholders will receive these sculptural sketches, which very well may be the first seedlings of future large-scale works.”

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