artist profile: Michelle Fisher – CSArt Colorado

“My artistic practice is concerned with exploring the evocative nature of materials. My pallet is minimal and focused on texture, transparency, line and plane. When I am successful, I feel the aliveness of the material nature, a pulse, a new story. It is my practice to place my work into the world and listen, to carefully watch how it is received. I learn from my viewers and our exchanges sustain my practice. I tend to produce small works and show them individually and in series. It is important to me that each work is complete and resonant displayed by itself. I am also fascinated by the dynamic these small works create in series. In sequence they create context and begin to suggest a story. As a series they have a different quality of energy and teach me about relationships and new possibilities.

My proposal to CSArt is to produce 60 unique mixed media works measuring 5″ x 5″ x 3/4″. Each individual piece for distribution will be described by its place and context within the whole series of 60 much like unique individuals form a community. Photographs and commentary of each work and the completed series will be available on my website. Shareholders will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions of me and each other. Shareholders will be able to understand the conceptual and technical drivers of making the works, the progressive sensibility of the evolving ‘community’ of pieces and in what sequence and context their individual art work was created.”