artist profile: Nanci Erskine – CSArt Colorado

“I’ve been working on a series of small paintings, prints, and pastel drawings on the theme of ‘Grasslands’. For CSArt, I’d like to explore using solar plates to make etchings in the large edition needed for the members. I’ve been wanting to explore this method, and in my mind, the subject matter of grasslands refers to prairies and the historic Colorado landscape.
I’ve been making small prints (monotypes primarily) for quite some time. But I also like the idea of personalizing each one with additional media. This project would motivate me to gain some new knowledge of intaglio printing with solar plates, but I’d also like to make each print unique with the addition of other media as well. I’ve been investigating the visual qualities of grasses and weeds, from a ground level point of view for several years. Plus, as a self-represented artist, I believe in making quality original work that exists at all price points- to allow folks to live with artwork done by an artist’s hand.”

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