artist profile: Pattie Lee Becker – CSArt Colorado

“I love working in multiples and sharing my work with the community. I like the invitation to create new works that challenge my practice. I’m always interested in pattern and shape and how they converge. My Objects in Place series delves into this relationship and this project is a perfect platform to combine with the idea of a CSA.

Objects in Place explores seemingly mundane objects of daily life gathered from my personal archived photographs.  Taking the primary object from the picture and abstracting it into flatness and non-materiality, I delete all other forms and leave only the shape which may at best trigger a memory of a familiar silhouette. 

The activity in the background also becomes abstracted into vibrant explosions of pattern which possess their own kaleidoscopic depth.

I will be creating a deck of cards based on the childhood game Memory.  Imagery has been adapted from my Objects in Place series which is currently composed of photographs, drawings and sculptures.”

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