artist profile: Rita Vali – CSArt Colorado

“I am fortunate to be working with clay, which is so wonderfully tactile and responsive; an alluring medium with enduring results. As a maker of pottery, I hope my pots participate in daily life – nourishment, celebration, contentment, discovery. A lofty goal for a humble pot! In our hurried world, using hand-made objects can give us a moment to reflect, slow down and feel satisfied. I create pottery that combines clean modern form with bold graphic patterns inspired from the richness and diversity of everywhere – landscape, textiles, geometry, the microscopic world. Driven by observation and a need to make objects with my hands, I merge my backgrounds in art and science. I approach clay in a methodical and precise manner, combining wheel-thrown and altered pieces with slab elements. I also love color, and the challenge of using it in complementary ways. Whether in the studio or in the classroom, I find working with clay a very satisfying, and challenging endeavor as I strive to make pottery that communicates my passion as a maker. I believe functional ceramics are a fabulous match for CSArt Colorado- being works of art that participate in daily life. As a potter, I work in a series, which lends itself beautifully to the CSArt program. My pottery can be shared, can be social, much like a food based CSA. Getting functional ceramic art into the hands of patrons is a great way to promote the idea that art can be affordable, useable, appreciated and beautiful all at the same time.

I plan to create two series of work; a series of bowls and a series of mugs. Each will be different, as I explore graphics and glaze combinations. Each being unique will invite dialog amongst the patrons.”