artist profile: Tobias Fike – CSArt Colorado

“My work is largely informed by my personal experiences and history. My creative work investigates not only seemingly mundane actions, but also statements, objects, and gestures. Through acts of reduction, I distill elements that are superfluous, thereby attempting to isolate the every day, allowing it to find its greatest potential. I want to transcend apathetic tendencies toward our relationships, our surroundings, and ourselves. I am interested in how intimate observations can enhance my perception of the seemingly mundane. For this project, I will make 60 recreations of an abstract drawing I did as a child. They will be done on quality paper and based on the original size of 5.5 x 7in. Each piece will be mixed media, using pencil, acrylic, tape, and placed in a vellum sleeve for distribution.

This series will allow me to create a large number of works based on the same original drawing. I am interested in the obsessive nature of trying to recreate something from a time of naivety.”