artist profile: Tony Ortega – CSArt Colorado

“My artistic goals include being a prolific image maker that brings together Latino culture and social justice. I created a print that was specific to this project (CSArt) but also part of a continuation of current interest in mixing American popular imagery with my current Chicano print series. This artwork is part of a series of prints that illustrates the changing environment in the United States. In the postmodern age, my visual language speaks to the issue of international migration, focuses on shifting demographics, draws from pop culture and seeks to present truth at a more local, personal level. As a community artist my artwork depicts the Chicano/Latino community here in Denver and the southwest. I create artwork about the Latino experience through individual slices of life of the community, family and many other sectors of present-day society, both urban and rural. It is the collective that is important; it is the primary focus in all my work.”

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