artist profile: Tori Williams – CSArt Colorado

“My intent for the opportunity with CSArt Colorado is to produce the 60 pieces of original art in encaustic monotypes based upon my current work involving the idea of communications, the exploration of multiples and the individual as a concept. These monotypes will be mixed media and made by applying ghost printing, trace monotype,  and stencils using ink and graphite in conjunction to the encaustic medium. The relevancy of this work to the CSArt Colorado program is in how these pieces are developed and its ultimate interconnectedness. My intent is to create groups of 10 that are interconnected and related by at least one or two aspects that each will have in common, such as ghost printing, thus to create a small related community of encaustic monotypes. Once each group of ten are near completion I will then take one element and embed it into each of the 60 monotype prints which will provide one related “gene” if you will thus connecting the entire community of unique individuals. This will serve to mirror our humanity, our interconnectedness, and our communications.”

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