Jonathan Mason | Community Supported Art Colorado

Jonathan Mason is a multi-instrumentalist musician living in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  By layering guitar, traditional and non-traditional percussion, vocals, piano/keyboard, harmonica, children’s instruments, bass guitar, electronic elements, and anything else capable of making sound; Mason strives to create emotionally powerful soundscapes.  He has played drums in hard rock and punk bands, written music for film and commercials, and performed and released music as the solo project “One Man Stands Together”.  Jonathan Mason’s music was featured during the Denver International Airport’s exhibit “Colorado: See the New West Like a Local”.  His latest work involves collaboration with storytelling elements and the written word to create long form “episodes of music”.

To learn more about Mason’s project for CSArt Colorado and to hear past music projects, view pictures of the process, and a blog explaining how to use a “Music Episode” please click here.