Julie Wills | Community Supported Art Colorado


I live and work near Gunnison, Colorado, in an open and rugged landscape. My interdisciplinary work spans both the physical and the experiential or temporal, and draws upon my own experiences of body and mind in the larger world.  I am interested in physical hardship or brutality as a stand-in for, or guide to, psychological hardship or brutality.

My series Marie Antoinette in America begins with a historical fiction, imagining that Marie Antoinette has escaped the French Revolution and acquired a new life in the American west. Each work in this series portrays the character’s attempts at livelihood or survival and explores the roles allotted or prescribed for her based on gender, class and skill set.  The landscape is used as a metaphor for a psychological ‘wilderness’; it implies isolation and makes her societally-based efforts at survival all the more inept.  Externally, the character of Marie Antoinette allows me to investigate class, privilege, sexuality and power while internally this character allows me to examine my own conflicts in these arenas.

Image: Julie Wills, Hunted