Kate Serralde | Community Supported Art Colorado


The ideas that inform my practice are based on the experience of being on the periphery of social norms. By using WIC checks, I am exploring how a simple piece of paper defines and alters my social standing to others, while functioning as framework to support and sustain life for women, and children.

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Texas Tech University in Art History with a minor in Philosophy. I wrote my thesis on Robert Smithson’s last earthwork: the Amarillo Ramp located in Amarillo, Texas. While at Texas Tech, I studied sculpture with an emphasis in metal working, film, dance, and sewing. A major influence for my work was my time working at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. My studio work is comprised of hand sewn paper documents. My work is currently featured in Fiberart International 2013: An Exhibition of Contemporary Craft.

Image: Kate Serralde, Splashing In 1920