Morgan McKenna | Community Supported Art Colorado

Morgan McKenna’s fine art photography has been described “cinematic, painterly, and pioneering:  a fusion of both classical and modern influences.” It is photographic art that invites a deeper look and personal engagement.  Her photographic treatments include unique in-camera techniques, delicate and de-saturated colors for more monochromatic environments, as well as bold, saturated pieces that can easily become the centerpiece of a room.  She is particularly known for textural and abstract treatments of botanicals, water, trees, and flowers.

McKenna’s pieces have been highlighted by national card companies including Hallmark and Beautyway, and in five photographic calendars.  Her work has also been shown in galleries across several states, including those listed below. McKenna’s images provide the visual backdrop for Stanton Lanier piano concerts (produced by Grammy Award winning musician William Ackerman).

McKenna art is available from small to large sizes on giclee in an array of water color papers, high definition metal with floating frame, crystalline prints (metallic paper), and FugiFlex prints bonded to acrylic with floating frame.  All treatments are archival. Visit to see a sampling of her work.

For more information contact or call (303)870-7680.

Image: Morgan McKenna, Loft